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Manage Your site with CMS

Automated Template

Being a strong platform wordpress provides standard template to manage your existing content. We edit wordpress present content on your site.

Access Control

We controls behaviour of register users to your site. A page can restricted to one or more groups. An anonymous user, or a logged on user who is not a member of the group a page is restricted to, will be denied access to the page

Scalable Expansion

The Ability to expand a single implementation across multiple domains, depending on the server's settings is available. WCMS sites may be able to create microsites/web portals within a main site as well.

Scalable Feature Sets

Various plug-ins related with wordpress or any other van be applied to new or existing site.

Workflow Management

Approval for one or many contents by chief-editer or super admin. Paraller tasks accomplishment.


Changes are tracked and authorized for publication or ignored reverting to old versions. Advanced forms of collaboration allow multiple users to modify (or comment) a page at the same time in a collaboration session.


Provide websites in different languages for better ranking in seo. Requirement is manageable, if companies use a CMS with an integrated translation management system or integrated interfaces to vendors for translations

Good for SEO

Freshness of content is one factor that helps, as it is believed that some search engines give preference to website with new and updated content than websites with stale and outdated content. CMS websites can increase the number of subscribers and readers to your site