Helping businesses achieve competitive edge through smart & innovative Digital Transformation is our moto. Internet of Things (IoT) occupies a central place in our Digital Transformation landscape. IOT describes the network of physical objects, sensors, software and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. 83% of IoT-powered organizations claim to reduce expenditure and boost employee productivity. A study by Aruba also reveals that 75% of companies adopting IoT, increased their profitability.

IoT connects hardware, software, and artificial intelligence for enabling deeper analytics. It can thereby provide us with detailed dashboards, reports, alerts etc. available on both - web and mobile applications. We also offer solution templates for different use cases, for faster & efficient deployments.

The Infoigy IoT platform brings together all the functionality needed to easily deploy smart solutions & help business efficiently operate besides also grow the business.

In Infoigy we have the following product lines under IOT vertical:

Digitizing Livestock, pet & wild animals monitoring in an innovative way. A smart neckband is a wearable device designed to monitor animal activity, health, and fertility. The wireless & GSM-based device is typically worn around the neck of the animal and is equipped with various sensors which monitor health, and behavior that measures key reproductive parameters, such as body temperature, heart rate, activity level, and rumination patterns.The data collected by the smart neckband is routed to the cloud and then transmitted to the farmer's smartphone or computer, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of the animal's reproductive health

The data collected by the smart neckband is then transmitted to the farmer's smartphone or computer, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of the animal's reproductive health.

Digitizing Public Utility/ Toilet monitoring & maintenance in India. Millions of Indians are deprived of clean and well-maintained toilets. In October 2014, the Prime Minister of India launched the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and one of its primary goals was to achieve an ‘open defecation’ free India. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan transformed the way Indians see cleanliness and public spaces. Under this mission, several public and household toilets have been installed across the country. However, the ground reality is that open defecation practice continues to exist while the sanitation & hygiene of public utility is not upto mark.

Our IOT based PLMS product, perfectly dovetails into ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission & helps in following for Public Lavatory in the country :

  • Monitor emmission of sulphur & ammonia gases
  • Ensure clean, hygenic & healthy environment
  • Web & Mobile app based tracking & monitoring of the upkeep
  • Geo Tagging of all toilets
  • Registration & attendance of toilet cleaner
  • Periodic customisable toilet cleaning report & customisable alerts
  • As an end-user (i.e the ‘Toilet Cleaner’ module), the cleaner will be able to see number of toilets allocated, Route/ Direction to a toilet, cleaned vs remaining status and also status of toilets as compared to the same time last day or week ; Real time update about the completion of work ; Toilet report with ammonia & sulfur Concentration ; Feedbacks garnered about the toilet upkeep & maintenance.

A Digital Eye to Maintain Crop & Plant Health/ produce. Currently in India, farmers follow the Traditional Crop yielding pattern & Monitoring mechanism. Regardless of soil condition, farmers take routine crops. These issues lead to losses in crop yielding. To overcome this problem, we are developing an app-based solution, which can help farmers to plan which crop to cultivate based on root conditions and plan quick possible remedies for root & other deficiencies. We are developing app-based solutions to detect root parameters like length and width and also provide suggestions based on soil parameters & environment values. It will detect soil parameters like moisture content, temperature, relative humidity, nutrient, Ph, NPK etc. and it will also provide crop suggestions based on soil parameters & environment values. It will provide remedies & alerts on soil deficiencies like Watering for low Moisture levels, Fertilizers for Nutrient deficiencies, etc. which will be beneficial for the farmers to manage the soil.

A green and sustainable city is a community of residents, neighbors, workers, and visitors who strive together to balance ecological, economic, and social needs to ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment for all members of society and for generations to come.

A green city means a way to increase the sustainability of urbanized areas. It’s a concept of urban planning relying on the ecosystem services that green infrastructure can supply. City meeting with nature, restoring the values of the urban ecosystem, minimizing resource and energy consumption, and taking advantage of the ecosystem services of the blue–green natural components.

  • poisonous gas emission monitor
  • Production Monitoring of enhancement
  • IOT device, existing plant area-wise database, business intelligence Software.

Our customer-centric approach therefore helps you in opening up new avenues for growth & optimisation by building fit-for-purpose IoT applications for your business. It also allows you to streamline operations by minimizing downtime and decreasing costs.

Tools & Technologies

  • Embedded C
    Embedded C
  • arduino
  • espressif
    ESP 8266
  • raspberry-pi
    Raspberry Pi
  • proteus
  • kicad
  • python