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Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet.

The infoigy IoT platform brings together all the functionality needed to easily deploy smart solutions in Plant (agriculture) monitoring and animal monitoring System. It provides the technical features required (devices, networks, dashboards, reports, alerts), available on web and mobile application. We also offer solution templates for different use cases, for faster deployments.

Our customer-centric approach helps you achieve an even higher level of professionalism by forming the Internet of Things (IoT) applications for the business. It also allows to give you standard solutions to enhance the customer’s satisfaction and requirements.


My Animal

My Animal to build a powerful yet easy-to-use web and mobile app for IoT-based advanced monitoring of dairy cattle. Our IoT-based solution eliminates guesswork and inconsistency in evaluating the reproductive, health, nutrition, and well-being of each and every cattle. With its sophisticated & tested monitoring capability, lifetime cattle history tracking, and rich data analysis capability, it allows early and proactive action to alleviate the effects of incidents that prevent cattle from achieving their productivity. With its intuitive interface, awesome user experience, and mobile access support, a significant percentage of mainstream day-to-day tasks, as well as advanced functions can be easily accessed from anywhere, any time. Unmatched breadth of utility & application includes heat detection accuracy, precise insemination, and timing report, early detection of health issues for proactive, individualized health management, tracking the location of cattle from which latitude and longitude of the particular area can be tracked, analyze the behavior of cattle & find different postures of cattle like eating, sleeping, standing etc.

Eagle Eye which is Real Time ‘Plant Root’ Parameter Measurement.

Internet of things (IoT), already a mature and effective technology, provides the platform for remediation of low efficiency and productivity in agriculture and livestock.

Using IoT we are going to provide a solution for Eagle Eye which is Real Time Plant Root Parameter Measurement. We are developing sensors, mobile & web application to get the real-time root parameter measurement data which will help in precision Farming. With the help of this app, the user will get the details pertaining to the sensor readings.

It will detect soil parameters like moisture content, temperature, relative humidity, nutrient, Ph, NPK, etc. and will also provide suggestions on type of crop cultivation based on soil parameters & environment values. By using IoT sensors, farmers can collect a vast array of metrics on every facet of the field microclimate and ecosystem: lighting, temperature, soil condition, humidity, CO2 levels, and pest infections. This data enables farmers to estimate optimal amounts of water, fertilizers, and pesticides that their crops need, reduce expenses, and raise better and healthier crops. It will provide remedies & periodic alerts on soil deficiencies like Watering for low Moisture levels, Fertilizers for Nutrient deficiencies, etc. It will thus be very helpful for the farmers to manage the soil & the produce.

Tools & Technologies

  • embeded-c
    Embedded C
  • arduino
  • espressif
    ESP 8266
  • raspberry-pi
    Raspberry Pi
  • proteus
  • kicad
  • python